My digital life: unpaid vs. pleasurable work

Somehow I missed that till friends waggled with it the other night over the tapas dinner table and I think it’s still worth reading: In 2003 Tiziana Terranova wrote a text in which she developped a precise and complex view of the internet within digital capitalism. Droll words come around and several smart people stick their head into the door: Richard Barbrook, Pierre Levy, Kevin Kelley, Maurizio Lazzarato et. al. meet up with the intelligent redetermination of gift economy, collective intelligence, immaterial labour and last but not least: work. Hell yeah!

2 Responses to “My digital life: unpaid vs. pleasurable work”

  1. 1 kubia

    Danke schön!

  2. 2 W Lewis

    That pic made me sad :(

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