Well, hello Fräulein, hello!

While teaching the bright young students at the art university of Linz and enjoying the fabulous pastries of the bakery Brandl, I noticed something quite interesting. In Austrian advertising, on the streets and in public life in general, everyone is looked at through a heterosexual filter. Sexual attraction is forced upon you as in a playful way you become a pick-up option. Even the Jehova’s witnesses guy greeted me with a twinkle in the eye the other morning: “Good morning Madam, are we in a hurry today?”

While in the past this would have made me feel uncomfortable, nowaydays I find it quite amusing. I play my role and enjoy to observe an evolutionary setting that has gone stray in a globalized world: the attraction to the other sex. I think as we became a global village this has become outdated. Or don’t you agree: even if we are heterosexual, we don’t like the other sex in general. For sure I don’t. In my utterly heterosexual life, I was never attracted to men in general, only to some of them. To live under the spell of a general male/female attraction is amusing. Here in Austria, I had the feeling you will never be alone. There will always be a mountain high, heterosexual matrix with you. And amazing pastry.

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