Look: It was a book, now it’s a film!

Nowadays information doesn’t only travel by text, but also by video. Now we all know that there are thousands of ‘How to’-videos out there to help us filleting fish or tie one’s tie. But this isn’t all. Thinking also has found video to be an interesting format – look at the fantastic animation of this Zizek lecture or at Hannah Arendt blowing smoke at G√ľnter Gaus in 1964, for example. The Suhrkamp Verlag takes this development quite seriously. It has not only one but even two video channels on YouTube, on which you find its authors like Rainald Goetz reading/talking. And as my former flatmate Nikolaj Belzer is an upcoming and talented director (who in the past often used our old apartment as a set) I decided to ask Suhrkamp, if they would be interested in us producing a video to summarize the book. What can I say, our idea fell on sympathetic ears. So here you go:

Many thanks to Robert Lippok, who allowed us to use one of his tracks from his excellent album “Redsuperstructure” released on Raster Noton – if you are into abstract minimal music, you definitely should get it. Yes, I am a big fan. Also many thanks to the director Nikolaj Belzer, who knows how to make my apartment telling its own story of the book. Finally, thanks to my apartment for keeping us warm. I hope you enjoy the outcome – feel free to share it.

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